It benefits the entire community to get to know our residents, businesses, and local heroes.

Every Monday @ 8:30 AM
We are finishing our 2020-2021 schedule and we will be going live! Get to know your local businesses. These are our neighbors and the ones who support the Las Vegas community. Here are a few podcasts to look forward to.
Think Ink
May 3, 2021
Automatic Appointments
May 10, 2021
The Space
May 24, 2021

#VegasDoesIt Podcast

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Why Buy Local

How buying local boosts the economy, supports sustainability, and strengthens community bonds, enriching lives and preserving culture.

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The Psychology of Pricing

Explore how pricing strategies based on psychological principles can influence consumer behavior and enhance value perception and sales.

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How Cognitive Biases Can Shape Purchasing Behavior

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Connections Between Emotions And Purchasing Behavior

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The Psychology of Choice

Uncover how too many options can overwhelm consumers and learn strategies to streamline choices, enhancing decision satisfaction and loyalty.

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The Digital Marketing Landscape in Las Vegas

Leverage Las Vegas's unique market with innovative digital marketing, focusing on mobile, social media, content, and personalization for success.

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Leveraging Local Partnerships For Growth

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The Power of Networking

Unlock career and business growth through networking, building relationships that offer opportunities, support, and shared knowledge.

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Building a Brand on a Budget

Build your brand on a budget by leveraging social media, creating quality content, engaging with communities, and focusing on exceptional customer service.

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