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When's the last time your digital strategy had a check up?

Web Development & Digital Strategy
Fully responsive & modern websites that are designed with business objectives in mind. A site being cosmetically appealing is important, but secondary to the primary objective - converting traffic. We take a strategic approach to developing sites, building on google, and developing social campaigns across multiple platforms. We develop websites, ads, and campaigns based on keyword research, the user experience, and automation (oh yeah, and we make it pretty).
Analytics & Automation
We analyze key metrics in order to know where our traffic is coming from. Once we can visualize this funnel we can automate it. We've been able to save companies thousands with this process.
Design and Graphics
We have the tech ladies and gents, but we also have a creative team. When these right brain/left brain duos get together we come up with one thing - results.
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This is how we take care of business.

We Stay Hungry & We Stay Transparent.
Step 1) The Initial Consultation
Let's chat about your company's needs, the current strategy, and how we can help you meet your objectives.
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We set up an initial call to make sure we are the right people to assist. There are two different relationships that are fostered at MD Marketers. Some of our clients prefer to outsource their marketing as a long term strategy, and they live happily ever after with MD Marketers. The other relationship is seasonal (even though we keep in touch with many of our happy former clients). We attempt to “work ourselves out of business”. We will create, deploy, and train on the automation where your company can bring these efforts in-house with a smooth transition.

Step 2) We Create Deliverables
We will outline the strategy, and then we'll put our heads together to get creative.
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After the initial call we will start working on deliverables. This includes site launches, digital campaign launches, completed graphics, and any other created content and strategy. Each client will receive a deliverable calendar of what we will be doing week by week. This calendar is reviewed every week to make sure we are on track and are available to answer any questions you may have. Please note that deliverables will depend on the contract.

Step 3) We Launch!
Side effects may include responsive websites, data-driven marketing, ultra-sick creatives, and actual results.
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Once all deliverable are approved we will be ready for launch. Launch time will vary depending on the services that are needed. Regardless of the complexity of a project we will always keep our deadlines clear and transparent.

Step 4) Analytics & Automation
We want to analyze the data that matters and take that information to make automatic workflows.
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If we deploy a site we will be sure to connect our arsenal of tools that will give us valuable data. We use this data to make digital workflows more efficient through automation. We analyze digital traffic and other data that we can use to implement custom workflow automation. This can be auto-scheduling, auto-emails, Facebook messenger bots, and more.

Automation will vary by project

Your Business, Our Passion.
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Click Your Favorite Advertisement To Start Your Next Social Media Campaign
Click Your Favorite Advertisement To Start Your Next Social Media Campaign


What Data Matters? (Let’s go back to the who, what, where, when why, and how) Metrics like cost per acquisition, pay per click (to the keyword level), and crucial points of the customers journey can be tracked for actionable data

Finding out why visitors are leaving your website.  We also analyze the pages your visitors are most engaged

Compare visitor data through A/B
We are always comparing time periods, creatives, and more with A/B testing, this takes the guess work out of marketing and turns it into a science.

Location, location, location
Where your visitors live may or may not be important to you. On the other hand, digital location is always important if they find you on the web.

As we analyze the traffic behavior we will be able to determine how, where, and when conversions are taking place. This robust data will enable us to maximize our efforts.

Triggers and Conversions

Custom Triggers, Goals, and Conversions
First we determine goals & conversions that align with overall business objectives.

1) E-commerce: - Tracking the ultimate goal of a  user’s purchase.
2) Lead Generation: - Tracking the ultimate goal of a user's form submission
3) Views: Goal is for users to sign up to receive content (email lists, RSS feeds, etc.)

Second we determine the most effective way of establishing triggers to track this data

The most common are 
1) Destination Tagging: Destination goals allow you to track when visitors reach a particular page or set of pages on your website. 
2) Engagement Tagging: Engagement goals allow you to track on-site activity, such as the amount of time visitors spend on your site, how many pages they visit, and what actions they take.
3) Event Tagging: Event goals allow you to track when visitors perform an action on your site, such as watching a video, sharing a post on social media, call a number, or clicks an ad.

Automate Workflows

Through automation we’ve been known to save thousands of dollars per year .This is simply having the ability to connect over 1,200 programs with custom triggers and actions. Schedule your call to see how these programs can be synchronized and automated

Some of these programs are
  • Google Sheets, Platform, Drive, Mail, Calendar, Forms, Contacts, Etc.
  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress, Webflow, and Other Web Platforms
  • Quickbooks & Other Financial Software
  • Jira
  • Facebook Business, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Etc.
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Shopify, Stripe, Squarespace, Square
  • ManyChat, Twillo, Chatwork, Wufoo
  • Trello, Planner, Monday.com
  • Typeform, Active Campaign, Airtable, ClickFunnels
  • Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft CRM, Zoho CRM, Agile CRM
  • GravityForms, JotForm, SurveyMonkey
  • Dropbox, OneDrive
  • Github
  • +1000 More Programs

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