September 12, 2023

Hi, Rachel! We're going to suggest a PPC campaign to help lease our 12 vacant spots at Space Collective & Peninsula Village!

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Goals & objectives

Provide a segmented campaign that allows us to effectively target two distinct sets of potential tenants: those specifically interested in waterfront living and those seeking high-end apartments in the Newport area.

The General Strategy Layout
  • PPC Set Up & Management ($515.00) - We can run Pay Per Click campaigns on keywords that we want to start ranking for but aren't currently . Our ad shows as a top search result and we pay per click. Please see attached reports for keywords we will be targeting
  • Full Story Integration - Making it possible to screen record visitors. I will include this as it helps me understand what is happening on the website.
  • Collateral & Content - If you decide to go with this package, I will generate the ad copy
Part II - The Solution
The Solution

This section will provide a solution to generating and converting web traffic through our each of our lead sources.

Search Strategy

Developing a profitable PPC (Pay-Per-Click) strategy for waterfront luxury apartments in Newport entails a nuanced approach that maximizes the unique selling proposition of waterfront living. A targeted "waterfront campaign" should be a central component of this strategy. This campaign can emphasize the scenic and lifestyle advantages of living by the water, showcasing breathtaking views, exclusive amenities, and waterfront activities. Simultaneously, a complementary "luxury apartment" campaign can focus on the high-end features, interior designs, and conveniences that the apartments offer. By segmenting these campaigns, we can effectively reach distinct audiences: those specifically seeking waterfront properties and those looking for luxury living in Newport. 

Social Strategy

Social media marketing, while a valuable tool for many businesses, may not always be the best choice due to its substantial ramp-up time and the absence of immediate buyer intent. Firstly, building a substantial social media presence and an engaged audience can take a considerable amount of time and effort. It requires consistent content creation, community engagement, and relationship-building before tangible results are seen. After talking with you I don't believe that is what we are looking for.

Market Place Optimization

We can strategically target audiences through Google's Display Network by leveraging their past interactions on our website, facilitated through the use of cookies. You've likely encountered Google Display Ads while browsing reputable websites. These ads appear alongside articles, showcasing products or services you've recently viewed elsewhere on the web.

Investment overview
PPC Set Up
PPC Managment
Marketplace Optimization
Collateral & Content
Initial Launch Date
September 18, 2023
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It's been a pleasure working on this. I am excited to hear your thoughts. Thank you again, Rachel!