July 30, 2021

Hi, Joe! Thank you for letting me put this together. I'm going to suggest an SEO campaign, 4 hours of web work per month, 2 marketing calls per month, and targeting on social media (possibly Linked In) in the future.

Start Proposal Review
Goals & objectives

If you decide to go with the marketing package, I will be able to use the content from the book. SEO & Site Maintenance starts at $629 , but since the blogs are coming from in-house I would not charge the full price. Currently you are under no contract at 498.00/month. We can do a 6 month contract at the same price, or no contract at 629.00/month

The General Strategy Layout

General Site Pages, Adjustments - After diving into SEMrush, the industry is not extremely competitive. I attached a few reports of some competitors last week, all which I think we can compete with by having a well structured resource center and content strategy.

Bi-Weekly Strategy - We will have one call at the beginning of each month and one call at the end (more below)

SEO - This is done through content, title tags, meta-descriptions, alt-text, and technical SEO.. In short, it's structuring and building out a website that Google deems valuable to the visitor. This comes from good, keyword focused, content. I like to call Google an "information fetcher", so we want them to present our content and information first.

Full Story Integration - Making it possible to screen record visitors

Collateral - Designing a Brochure, Flyer, Etc. is Included (Up to two times per 6 month contract)

Part II - The Solution
The Solution

This section will provide a solution to generating and converting web traffic. We'll cover search, social, and re-targeting.

Search Strategy

2 Calls Per Month (1 Strategy/1 Recap) - Strategy call will consist of things such as A/B test, that months web goals, and any other special projects going on. At the end of the month we will have a Recap call. This will include reporting, discussing the results, and acting accordingly (making data-driven decisions).

Blog uploading 1 time/week - These will be pulled from the book (which saves DSS a good chunk of change), and formatted to be optimized for keywords

Up To 5 Hours of Site Work To Support SEO Efforts- MD will provide 5 hours of site adjustments, content strategy, and special projects.

Title Tag, Meta Descriptions, ALT Text, and Technical SEO - Will be provided by MD Marketers to ensure that we are complying with Google's best practices.

Social Strategy

Future Social Campaign Thoughts

Facebook (In The Future) may have a play for custom audiences. This strategy targets specific people with personalized messages. Whether it be email addresses, phone numbers, or even user IDs, we can pull a list of from Constant Contact wherever your customer data is stored, upload it, and target people with ads that are relevant to where they are within your funnel.

We can also run lead gen on LinkedIn. LinkedIn advertising does get pricey, but you can target decision makers by using LinkedIn's algorithms to market by profession, title, etc. I don't recommend LinkedIn all too often, but do think we'd have a play here.

Re-targeting Strategy

Future Retargeting Campaign Thoughts

Once traffic increases we can target on Google's Display Network (Much cheaper than LinkedIn). We will target people who have taken action on the site. This is done through cookies. You have probably seen Google Display Ads when on a resourceful website (e.g. Business Insider). On the sides of articles you may see an ad for something you were on the other day, this is the display network.

You can get granular with this. For example, I like to breakout display campaigns according to where the visitor is at in your funnel. Many of times their actions can tell you where they are in the funnel.

Here is an example

1.) Someone was on your site for less than 5 minutes

2.) Someone was on your site for more than 5 minutes

3.) Someone filled out a form, but never answered the phone.

Investment overview
SEO Strategy & Implementing
5 Hours of Web Work
Social Media Lead Generation
Tags, Analytics, and Pixel Integrations For Detailed Tracking
Collateral (Iconography, Stock, Video, Etc.)
498.00 (6 months)
1st Billing Date
July 30, 2020
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It's been a pleasure working on this. I am excited to hear your thoughts. Thank you again, Joe!