February 3, 2021

Hey again, round 2. Thank you for letting me put this together. I'm going to suggest basic SEO work and content building, an automation for the free give away, as well as a Google and Bing search campaign.

Start Proposal Review
Goals & objectives

As we build SEO, content, and the new site structure we'd like to make an immediate impact through paid search and display advertising (While we simultaneously work on organic strategies).

The General Strategy Layout

Digital Marketing Avenues

  • General Site/SEO Check Ups and Adjustments (Included in site costs) - Technical SEO components are things like including keywords in the meta-tags, meta-descriptions, headers, alt-text, etc.
  • Google & Bing Advertising Launch  - We can run Pay Per Click campaigns on keywords that you want to start ranking for but aren't currently. We are also able to run a campaign to pop up when a customer searches a competitor name. Keep in mind that these run off a pay per click model, but the search terms we are going for are not very competitive. (Reports attached to email)
  • Zapier and Email Automation - This can be done on Google and Social Media, but I'd suggest starting with Google. We will target people who have taken action on your site. I'll log into your Google account and we can use the same tag. So if someone went to the old site we can re-target them to the new one.
Part II - The Solution
The Solution

This section will provide a solution to generating and converting web traffic. We'll cover search, social, and re-targeting.

Search Strategy

We could run Google Ads to get you on top as we work on our SEO through content, backlinks, and technical components of SEO. I have attached a few SEMrush reports on Keywords that we could potentially go after. SEO is a long game and we'd need about 3 months to really start ranking, but once we rank organically you don't need to pay PPC to be on the first page. This also includes Google My Business updating.

Social Strategy

I wouldn't rely to heavily on social media as they are hard to work around anything MLM related (even selling of gold they can be a real pain). I am happy to handle email campaigning for you though. I believe with the network that you're building both on and offline gives us an opportunity for both email blasts and automated email campaigns.

Re-targeting Strategy

We can re-target on both Social & Google's Display Network. We will target people who have taken action on the site previously through social, back-links, search engines, or other mediums. I like to breakout display & re-targeting campaigns according to where the visitor is at in your funnel. This will also allow us to use relatable numbers, text, and images to cater to the user. Keep in mind that these are re-targeting ads so these visitors have already browsed the site. We will know what segment, range, and more by their first interaction with the site.

Investment overview
SEO and Search Advertising (Google & Bing)
Email Automation & Drip Campaigns
Targeting & Competitive Research
Tags, Analytics, and Pixel Integrations For Detailed Tracking
Collateral (Iconography, Stock, Video, Etc.)
Estimated Completion Date
March 1, 2021
Download Detailed Timeline
time for action

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Thank you again, Donna Marie. I think we have an awesome looking site and I'm excited to start pulling levers to drive qualified traffic.