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Sep 15, 2023

Hi, Rachel! I've devised a strategy for a website that will spotlight project-specific pages tailored to the unique characteristics of each property we're aiming to lease. We will also include floor plan pages within each project-specific page, offering potential lessees an in-depth view of the property layout.

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Goals & objectives

Divide visitors into the distinct segments Redwood West is in, such as those interested in Newport waterfront residences or Costa Mesa commercial properties. By utilizing a CMS, we'll be able to efficiently and swiftly generate these specialized landing pages and get the most of our marketing dollars now and in the future.

Key Components of the Build

Overarching Objectives of the Website

  • Lead Generation: Generate leads and inquiries from potential clients interested in your luxury apartments and upscale commercial properties in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Corona Del Mar.
  • Informative Content: Present detailed information about your services, team, past projects, and contact details.
  • Brand Representation: Create a visually appealing and professional online presence that accurately represents Redwood West.
  • Improved Content Management: Enable you to easily update and add content, including project-specific pages for tailored marketing campaigns across these cities.

Scope of Work

  • Website Development: Design, develop, and launch a responsive website that meets your specific requirements and embraces the aesthetics of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Corona Del Mar.
  • Content Creation: Generate high-quality written and visual content for all website pages.
  • CMS Integration: Implement a Content Management System for easy content updates, allowing you to showcase initiatives seamlessly across these cities.
  • SEO Optimization: Optimize the website for search engines to enhance visibility for searches.

Site Pages/Components

  • Home Page: A visually engaging introduction to Redwood West and its luxury apartments and commercial properties.
  • Project-Specific Pages (CMS): The ability to create specific pages for marketing initiatives in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Corona Del Mar, promoting the uniqueness of the properties you offer in these areas.
  • About Page: Information about Redwood West's history, mission, and commitment to the communities of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Corona Del Mar.
  • Services Pages: Detailed information about each of your services including: Investment Sales, Project Leasing, Tenant Representation, Property Management, Marina Management, Construction Management, and Office Leasing.
  • Team Page: Profiles and photos of your dedicated team members.
  • Contact Page: A contact form with office contact information and a map displaying your prime locations in these cities.

Client Responsibility

  • Providing timely feedback and approvals.
  • Supplying all necessary content, images, and branding materials, with a focus on showcasing the charm of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Corona Del Mar.
  • Collaborating on SEO keyword research and strategy specific to Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Corona Del Mar.

Part II - The Solution
The Solution

We will achieve our goal by crafting a website that showcases distinct project-specific pages. This will provide a seamless journey and help us capitalize on diverse keywords.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Widely acknowledged for its effectiveness in both enterprise and web content management, a CMS will be particularly adept at facilitating the creation and management of project-specific pages and floor plan pages. Whether you're spotlighting offerings exclusive to Newport Beach or detailing past ventures, the CMS will be instrumental.

Tracking For Strong Analytics To Improve ROI

Development Includes the Following Integrations

Google Tag Manager, Analytics, & Social Pixels- Snippets of code to track valuable user data. This snippet of JavaScript collects demographics, performance data for your websites and ads, and other actionable data.

Full Story - Full Story is a tag that enables Google Tag Manager to capture visitors interactions with our website (Video Recording).

Automation For Scalability & Growth

Inquiry - I recommend using a CRM , but we can also build an integration that is compatible with a spreadsheet. Once they are in our CRM we can automate Email & SMS strategy. We offer a CRM as well that we could automate text messaging campaigns, social media postings, etc. If I can be of help here, I'm happy to do so.

Investment overview
Custom/Lead Generation
Custom Back-End (CMS)
Tags, Analytics, and Pixel Integrations
Optimize For Search Results
Live Launch
Estimated Completion Date
October 20, 2023
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