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Aug 2, 2023

Hey Chapman! I've put together a game plan for a website that can highlight your practice areas through CMS pages similar to Benowitz's site.

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Goals & objectives

Our goal is to develop a website that mirrors the functionality and design of https://criminallawdc.com, while incorporating our unique branding and content. The website will primarily focus on providing information about DUI law in Washington, D.C., and promote your legal services in other areas with targeted landing pages.

Key Components of the Project

Site Structure (Home Owners & Hosts)

  • Home Page - The home page should be eye catching, provide an overview of practice areas, and pushes to next step in the funnel (selecting an area of practice) For most organic and paid advertising you will want to send users directly to a specific area of practice.
  • CMS Pages By Practice Area- We can make a CMS page for each area of practice (Drug, Traffic, DUI, etc). David Benowitz probably has the best breakdown (and also ranking high in Google) - https://criminallawdc.com/
  • CMS Page For Resources - We can design the site so you, us, or 3rd party content writers can easily add and update blog posts and resources. This will come in handy for SEO. Writing blogs with a very specific keyword group is how you rank for several keywords. "DUI's under 21", "DUI's for marijuana", and "I got a DUI but I wasn't driving" are some good examples.
  • CMS for case results, win rating, etc.
  • About Page - The about page has good content. Many times videos work well on an about page. This is something we can provide.
  • Contact - General contact page with CTA to meet.

Some Available Domains To Do This With

  • Since we are going after something similar to criminallawdc.com we may want a domain name a bit more broad such as
  • DefendingDC.com
  • DCdefenseLawyers.com
  • DCdefenseAttornies.com
  • DCdefenseAttorney.com
  • TheDCdefenders.com
  • We can also use a branded domain.
  • Keep in mind that we can forward the DUI domain to a specific landing page on "DefendingDC.com"

My suggestion would be to go with DefendingDC.com and this proposal would cover the Design & Branding

  • Custom Design: Our experienced designers will create a visually appealing and professional website design that aligns with your branding guidelines and target audience.
  • Brand Integration: We will incorporate your logo, color scheme, and other brand elements throughout the website, ensuring consistency and brand recognition.

Micro Conversion (A resource or guide/free consult/etc.)

  • Remember the Yes Rule - Remember if people say yes once they are exponentially more likely to say yes again (same applies to no). It is important for the visitor’s first answer to be a yes (which is especially challenging for high-involvement services) Below are some ways you can build micro-conversions without much effort in order for the first answer to be YES!
  • Some examples could be offering a free "When you get pulled over" checklist, offering a free consultation, or simply providing content that collects sign-ups.
  • Ideally, you would want to A/B test in order to determine the best micro-conversion offering. We can help develop out this strategy further, but we will build the site to encourage a goal or conversion.
  • Another huge benefit of micro-conversions is getting the data in order to retarget people who have already shown interest in our site.

Other Key Components

  • Call To Action To Meet - Between "Call Nows" and straight forward chats we can utilize the digital world to accomplish your overall business objectives.
  • Image Optimization - Reducing the file size of your images as much as possible without sacrificing quality and putting in alt-text (helpful for site speed and SEO)
  • Lead Automation - We will have a viewer submit information (e.g. name, phone, email) and that data will go through to a CRM (customer relationship management) or spreadsheet (e.g. automate marketing communications on sign up). More information on lead automation below.
  • Chatbot and Click To Call Buttons - As stated above are overall objective is to get a phone number from the chatbot or have them call you directly. The idea is to meet quickly.
  • SEO Focused - We will build the website after detailed keyword research (attached to our previous emails). We want to see what people are searching for in the industry. I provided some preliminary research in the email a couple months ago. If you need me to resend that, please let me know.
  • Another example of SEO work is the Title-Tag you have now VS a Title-Tag like David Benowitz. Right now your Title Tag will rank for search queries like "MP Chapman Washington DC", but that's not a huge benefit for a start up. If someone searches "DUI Attorney in DC" Your Title-Tag of "The Law Office of MP Chapman, PLLC: Lawyer" wont rank the way you want it to.
  • I did notice that David Benowitz and Scrofono use URL boosting domains (criminallawdc.com and dc-dui-lawyer.com). We should be able to rank without paying an arm and a leg for the domain, but it's something to keep in mind.
Part II - The Solution
The Game Plan

We will accomplish the above key components by developing a site that utilizes individual landing pages similar to Benowitz. Our primary call to action will be pushing for the immediate call, text, etc.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

CMS is typically used for enterprise content management and web content management. CMS will be used for controlling practice areas for landing pages as we discussed on the call, blogs/resources, and eventually even location pages. We want to be able to update this content seamlessly and easily edit after launch. The CMS will allow us to do that. I would design a webpage one time that gets populated dynamically by a database. This is so important because we want to be able to target certain search queries with specific webpages and blog posts. The only way to do this in an SEO friendly and cost/time effective way is through a CMS.

For example, we would want two different webpages for the search queries "DUI Lawyer in DC" and "Drug Attorney Near Me" . It would be extremely difficult to rank one page (e.g. your home page) for both of those keywords.

For more information on CMS please view the section of this page labeled "Dynamic Content For a Dynamic World"


Tracking For Strong Analytics To Improve ROI

Development Includes the Following Integrations

Google Tag Manager, Analytics, & Social Pixels- Snippets of code to track valuable user data. This snippet of JavaScript collects demographics, performance data for your websites and ads, and other actionable data.

Full Story - Full Story is a tag that enables Google Tag Manager to capture visitors interactions with our website (Video Recording).

Automation For Scalability & Growth

Inquiry - I recommend using a CRM (e.g. HubSpot) , but we can also build an integration that is compatible with a spreadsheet or possibly your current CRM. You can automate this for conversions, meeting reminders, etc.. Once they are in our CRM we can automate email & SMS strategy. You are able to automate marketing efforts such as sending a welcome email, a newsletter, or an automated reminder.

Investment overview
Legal/Lead Generation
Custom Back-End (CMS)
Tags, Analytics, and Pixel Integrations
Optimize For Search Results
Live Launch
Estimated Completion Date
September 4, 2023
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Thank you for allowing me to map out this plan. Super excited to hear your thoughts on this. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thanks again, Chapman!