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Jan 11, 2022

I recommend building a site that is able to present members, legislation updates, and eventually fundraisers/events/resources through a CMS (more below). We will also provide an easy access point to login to Workplace.

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Goals & objectives

The primary purpose of the site is to provide information to the public and provide a gateway for service members to access Workplace. We will build the site to be able to add on additional legislation, resources, fundraisers, and events as time goes on. This page can have general updates as well as press releases. We can do this by having a CMS. The site will consist of a user friendly home page, bios for the board, CMS for information, login for members, as well as an about/contact page.

Key Components of the Build
  • Workplace Login - We will have a direct link to Workplace where members can login.
  • Back-end System (Tech term is "CMS") With Collections For Content- We want to have control of content through the use of a database rather than making a static site. This will enable us to update as laws pass, regulations change, and the industry evolves.
  • Future CMS collections - As the site grows we can also add in fundraisers, events, and more. For example, we can have blogs and resources (e.g. "Laws protecting labs from cultivator's non-payment")
  • Animations – We will use subtle animations for attention grabbers similar to (just a bit more subtle/professional). Animations are used to guide a user’s eyes to a certain part of the screen. We can implement animations to be able to predict the users journey. The layout will just use animation as a way to encourage certain behavior.
  • Simplicity & ease of use - Jay has requested the site be as user friendly as possible. This will be a focal point as we build the website out.
  • CSS Twitter feed - Adding in a CSS feed for twitter (May have to be on a shared twitter account)
Part II - The Solution
The Solution

Developing a website that has information for the public (ran by a CMS) as well as a user friendly way to log into Workplace. The CMS will start with bios and legislation updates, but will grow to add in resources, events, fundraisers, and more. We can also include a conversion page for the public to subscribe for updates/join a particular fundraiser/event.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

CMS (Which stands for Content Management System) is typically used for enterprise content management and web content management for media websites. We can use the concept of a simple CMS for our project. The CMS will have a custom back-end, meaning we can edit and add pages through a backend vs static pages. For example, if a new law comes out we can write a press release in a custom backend, rather than making a new webpage. The CMS will enable us to add, edit, and delete posts/updates/etc. from a backend. Eventually this will be extremely important to update pieces of the website easily as events happen, members join, and regulations change.

Tracking For Strong Analytics To Improve ROI

Site Development Includes the Following Integrations

Google Tag Manager, Analytics, & Social Pixels- Snippets of code to track valuable user data. This snippet of JavaScript collects demographics, performance data for our website and ads, and other actionable data.

Full Story - Full Story is a tag that enables Google Tag Manager to capture visitors interactions with our website (Video Recording).

Automation For Scalability & Growth

We will have the ability to send contacts to a CRM. This is something MD can help set up, or provide resources on how to do so. I recommend using a customer relationship management system (e.g. HubSpot), but we can also build an integration that is compatible with a spreadsheet. When people inquire online all lead activity can be automated. We can also automate emails to stay in touch with the community. Once they are in a CRM we can streamline communications. This will make it possible to keep manhours the same as we scale the association. This may not be too critical as we get started, but as the sites grow we'll want a site that can adapt and scale around automation.

Investment overview
Costs of Development
Custom Back-End (CMS)
Tags, Analytics, and Pixel Integrations
Optimize For Search Results
Live Launch
Estimated Completion Date
February 2, 2022
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Thank you for allowing me to map out this plan. Super excited to hear your thoughts on this. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thanks again, Jay!