The Infinite Possibilities of Infinite Creativity

5 Tips To Never Lose Creativity

Creativity is hard to come by. Our creative team follows 5 core principles that we would like to share with you. We hope these help your creative juices flow as they do ours! 

You can change your reality

At some point in your existence, you were not even able to walk. You fell. You got back up. You fell. You got back. This process was you learning to walk, and once that happened new possibilities emerged. Remember, every time you learn something new you can bend reality from what it once was. 

Imagination and creativity are infinite

Do you find it weird that more often than not, startups with limited resources disrupt companies with an abundance of them? Have you heard of Airbnb or Dollar Shave Club? Why didn't Gillette do this? Because they didn't have to. They had resources that Dollar Shave Club didn’t.

What’s my point? When you're lacking resource you become resourceful. Usually, this entails an overdrive of creativity and imagination. We live in one of the greatest times in history for creatives. We have almost free access to tools, resources, and distribution channels.

Be the only, not the best

Blue ocean strategies fight back against the mimicry epidemic that will follow us into 2020. People don't see that mimicry is a recipe for disaster. It turns you into a commodity and your work into a soul-sucking obligation instead of a soul-feeding privilege. When nobody does what you do in the way that you do it, your competition becomes irrelevant. You're not the best, you're the only. That's how you grow your business with creativity and imagination. 

Creating for one person is more likely to go viral.

Every expression of your creativity should be an expression of your business and personal values. Make sure you're proud to put your name on what you create. When you water down your work to cater to the largest possible audience, you suck the resonance out of it. At least once a week somebody unsubscribes from our podcast because a guest pisses them off or they don't like us. You can spend your energy trying to appease your critics. Or you can spend it making more art for your small army of fanatics, we suggest the ladder.

A bad day is not forever

This may sound more motivational than creative, but it’s important. Maybe your current circumstances are less than perfect. If not, great… but we all get in circumstances like this. For example, being out of money is a temporary circumstance. Becoming poor is a permanent identity. Being heartbroken is a temporary circumstance. Being unlovable is a permanent identity. Everybody has problems. Even if you all have the money in the world, your life isn't going to be free of problems. Your problems don't go away, but what changes is your capacity to handle them, analyze them, correct them, and move forward.

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