Branding Mistakes

Why Branding Matters – A Note From Kay Thomas-Harper (MD Marketers Branding Expert)

Apple, Nike, Google, Amazon. I’m sure when you read these names an image, voice and reputation came to mind. It is easy to make the mistake of neglecting branding or the mistake of thinking you do not need branding because you are well known in your community. However,branding is how top companies stay on top of their industry. If you do not have the right combination of branding weaved into your marketing strategy you could be leaving money on the table.

Here are the top three common mistakes companies make with their brands.

1. Thinking your logo is your brand- A common mistakes of both start-ups and established companies is believing they have a brand based on the logo. However, a logo is just one part of a brand, it is a graphic or symbol that represents and identifies an emotional tie to your business. It is also the first form of identification of your business.

2. Inconsistent Branding- It is imperative to your business that brand identity be consistent across all channels and content. Have you ever been on a date and get mixed emotions from the person across from you? Because your brand reinforces the emotions of a customer your brand, voice and messaging all need to align seamlessly in order to be clear no matter where your brand is displayed and communicated.

3. To manage brand identity organizations, need to invest in brand management to stay consistent and succeed in today’s marketplace. MD Marketers can help you stay on top of your branding through components such as a style guide, training,and brand management recommendations. If you need help establishing a brand feel free to reach out to us.

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