The Secret Marketing Weapon of 2020

The Secret Weapon Is... Podcasting

I don't have time to keep track of all of the streaming platforms, which ones are most important?

Well, they are all important. With the efficiencies, services, and integrations of 2019 there isn't a good reason to not be everywhere.

With that said, let's hit some of the key players in podcasting.


Apple once again has led the way as the main podcasting platform for years.  Itunes podcast channel has an incredibly large podcast library with thousands of uploads and genres. With ease of access and uploads including downloading formatted RSS files, make sure you reap the credit for your work.  Once the RSS file is uploaded to Itunes the approval process normally takes 1-3.


Add your Podcast RSS Feed URL, Share information about your podcast (e.g., Language, Hosting Provider, and Podcast Categories) review details and submit! While Spotify is very well known for being one of the giants in media-streaming, the use of Spotify to upload and disperse podcasts has grown exponentially as podcasting popularity has increased. Back in 2015 Spotify opened their podcast submission forum and grew it to allow public submissions in 2017.  Podcast review is diligent and can expect a review time of 1-3 days.


Relatively new podcast platform that allows world-wide podcast distribution in three easy steps.  Add RSS feed, confirm ownership, press publish.  With google play not only can you reash listeners world wide but also reach millions of potential listeners on android!  Review and approval time remains 1-3 days..


Newly introduced hundreds of podcasts with over 100,000 episodes across a wide variety of genres including News, True Crime, Sports, Comedy, Music, Business, Technology, Entertainment, Kids, Health and Science.  Easy to use podcast discovery capabilities allow you to streamline the podcast topics you want to listen to.  Podcast Genome project which contains human analysis and machine learning,is what matches you with the perfect podcast at the perfect time on Pandora, giving your audience effortless access to your podcasts at all times.  Approval time remains 1-3 days.


iHeartRadio combines music, live radio, and podcasting all on one convenient platform.  Searching and listening to podcasts on this platform is quite easy with a complete genre search and top streamed podcast page.  The audience that uses iheartradio also is quite diverse and differs from the main platforms.  Due to the live radio, a very rare level of age and demographics of listeners is present, therefore your listening community has all the ability to grow.

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