We want to stay in an area we can compete. My suggestion is to focus on promotional events and trade shows to start building clients in a niche.

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Goals & objectives

We should develop a landing page in regards to trade show & promotional items. The goal of this campaign is to collect and convert leads for trade shows. We can then use them for re-marketing on other items.

The General Strategy Layout

Search & Social - We will use these as avenues to generate traffic to the trade show landing page. Social we can collect leads through lead generation ads. "How I 10x My Sales By Correctly Setting Up My Trade Show Booth" or "10 tips to get 10x the amount of eyeballs on your next trade show". Copy and graphics will be provided.

Landing Page - The landing page would be designed to collect leads for trade show sourcing. "AwardWinningTradeShows.com and 5starTradeShow" are both available. We can work with the lead to figure out what the trade show is, how they plan on advertising, etc. This will help you cater to the lead and provide insight how to get more customers.

Think Ink Webmaster - 119.00/month. I will handle the automation, edits, etc. for Think Ink for 119.00/month (separate form this contract)

Part II - The Solution
The Solution

This section will provide a solution to generating and converting web traffic. We'll cover search, social, and re-targeting.

Search Strategy

We can run Pay Per Click campaigns on less competitive keywords. For example, we wouldn't want to bid on "Trade show booths", because it still is competitive. However, "trade show consultants " has over 70 searches per month. We can have our ad show as a top search result and you pay per click for services you want to put a little push behind. I can cross reference what categories you'd like to promote and what keywords are workable. We can do this with a SKAG strategy (Single Keyword Ad Groups). SKAGS are ad groups designed with a one-to-one relationship between the root keyword and the ad. For example, let's say you search "Trade Shows For Electronic Goods" the ad will say exactly that. The idea is to have dynamic keyword insertion for what the visitor is interested in. We can do this with 100s of non-competitive keywords.

*I'll set up Bing and Google under this contract, but I'd suggest starting with Bing so we can figure out what works best at a cheaper CPC*

Social Strategy

This strategy targets specific people with personalized messages. Whether it be email addresses, phone numbers, or even Facebook user IDs, we can pull a list of contacts from your CRM or wherever your customer data is stored, upload it directly to Facebook, and target people with ads that are relevant to where they are within your funnel. We can do this for your current customers. Instead of sending them a mailer we can be seen on Facebook.

We can also run lead gen forms. Facebook and Instagram lead generation ads are designed to deliver a lead directly to our database. Facebook pre-populates the lead form with user information they already have. Because the ad does most of the work of filling in the data, users are more likely to complete the form. This can be used to capture new customers interested in a trade show set ups.

Re-targeting Strategy

Google Display Network will allow us to advertise to people who have already been to the website. With the strategy above we will be able to start re-targeting people. Think about how many times you go to a page, put something in your cart, then leave. It's common consumer behavior. We want to make sure these people don't forget about Think Ink Printing. I will set this up under this contract, but we'll have to get more web traffic for it to be effective.

Investment overview
Search & Social for Trade Shows & Events
Landing Page for Lead Generation
Targeting & Competitive Research
Tags, Analytics, and Pixel Integrations For Detailed Tracking
Collateral (Iconography, Stock, Video, Etc.)
(2,008) - 1,004
Estimated Completion Date
March 10, 2020
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Once the contract is completed we'll work on budget allocation when you're ready to launch. If I put in a week or two and set this all up you'll have it as another tool to generate business.