September 28, 2020

Hey Damian. Thank you for letting me put this together. I'm going to suggest using display networks and social (narrow scope). In addition, I'd use re-targeting on Social Media and Google Display Network through Golden Entertainment's pixels if possible.

Start Proposal Review
Goals & objectives

For this campaign we'd want to run social media ads and display ads to reach people within the area. The objective of the campaign should be tested as well as the appeal (more below)

The General Strategy Layout

Paid Digital Marketing Avenues

  • Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization - I'll touch on this below, but I'm not sure if we have the time or a move for this specific campaign in regards to search engines.
  • Social Media - We can use two different objectives and A/B test them. One objective can be click to call and the other would be get tickets (through wherever we are selling tickets)
  • Email Lists - If we have an email list I can work with you to strategize a drip campaign that shows available tickets going down to promote a sense of urgency. We can also use this list for custom audiences on Facebook (more below)
  • Download App - We can compete in the App arena, which should be much cheaper than the events arena in terms of CPC. We can promote the App that is used for the event.
  • Re-targeting  - This can be done on Google and social media platforms, but I'd suggest using the tag that is on the Strat's site. This will enable us to target people that already go to the Strat. If we can get the pixel from PT's we could do the same.

Other Potential Marketing Avenues

  • Co-Op Opportunities (Budget and Strategy TBD) - We may benefit by working with other business in the area. In return, we can offer sponsorship spots.
  • 3rd Party Referring Sites - (Budget and Strategy TBD) - We can find opportunity with directories. It may be worth establishing relationships with some niche informational sites and community pages.
  • I'll keep brain storming in this area.
Part II - The Solution
The Solution

This section will provide a solution to generating and converting web traffic. We'll cover search, social, and re-targeting.

Search Strategy

I really don't think we have any power moves in terms of search engines for this specific campaign, but I think your site could be optimized for search for other reasons. I think you could drive investors to your site organically by working on SEO. I've attached a technical SEO report to the email. That's on the house. The other thing that I'd recommend is building a CMS where each event could have it's own web page, keywords, etc. If you wanted to take it as far as every investor gets a personalized digital proposal (like this one), you could do that as well. CMS really helps with SEO and catering to a client/investor/etc.

Social Strategy

I would recommend social media for retargeting and using one Facebook campaign as a custom audience to utilize our email list. (This is a great way to utilize a mailing list). We can use email addresses or phone numbers to pull a list of contacts and upload them directly to Facebook. We target people with personalized ads that are relevant to where they are within the funnel. I'd recommend running a click to call campaign and one campaign to buy the ticket online. I'd recommend three appeals - Affordable entertainment, Covid friendly, and family friendly. You can test these appeals and put more dollars behind the best performing.

Re-targeting Strategy

We can re-target on both social media & Google's Display Network. We will target people who have taken action on the site previously through back-links, search engines, or other mediums. This is done through cookies that will be set up on Strat's and PT's sites I like to breakout display & re-targeting campaigns according to where the visitor is at in the funnel. It will also be beneficial to target by pages that are only relevant to locals. We can use relatable call to actions, text, and images to cater to the user. Keep in mind that these are re-targeting ads so these visitors have already browsed the site. We will know what segment, range, and more by their first interaction with the site.

Many of times basic user interactions can tell you where they are in the funnel so you can advertise accordingly.

E.g. specific example for us is we can use "local pages" of the strats site to re-target.

Investment overview
Click To Call and Ticket Purchase
Re-targeting/Display Network
Targeting & Competitive Research
Tags, Analytics, and Pixel Integrations For Detailed Tracking
Collateral (Iconography, Stock, Video, Etc.)
Estimated Completion Date
October 12, 2020
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Thank you again. Not sure if this helps, but I hope it does. Happy to help you guys anyway I can.