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Mail Butler

Mailbutler is a versatile email software extension for Apple Mail, Gmail, and Outlook, enhancing productivity and professionalism in email management and correspondence.


Mailbutler is a powerful email extension designed to enhance productivity and streamline workflow for individuals and teams using popular email platforms like Apple Mail and Gmail. By integrating a suite of tools directly into the user's email client, Mailbutler offers features such as email scheduling, tracking, follow-up reminders, and signature templates, among others. Aimed at professionals who manage a high volume of emails daily, Mailbutler acts as a personal assistant, helping to organize, prioritize, and optimize email communication. Its capabilities extend to CRM integration, task management, and analytics, making it a comprehensive solution for managing email-related tasks efficiently.


  1. Enhanced Email Productivity: Mailbutler offers a variety of tools to save time and increase efficiency, such as email scheduling, snoozing, and tracking, which help users manage their inbox more effectively.
  2. Advanced Email Tracking: Users can track when their emails are opened and links are clicked, providing valuable insights into recipient engagement and helping tailor follow-up strategies.
  3. Seamless Integration: Mailbutler integrates smoothly with Apple Mail and Gmail, maintaining a native email experience while adding powerful features.
  4. Professional Email Signatures: The platform allows for the creation of custom email signatures using templates, adding a professional touch to communications without requiring external design tools.
  5. Task and Project Management: By converting emails into tasks and notes, Mailbutler facilitates better project management directly from the inbox, integrating with popular tools like Asana and Trello.


  1. Learning Curve: Some users may find it takes time to fully leverage all the features and integrations Mailbutler offers.
  2. Platform Limitations: Currently, Mailbutler is primarily available for Apple Mail and Gmail users, which may limit its applicability for users of other email clients.
  3. Subscription Model: Access to the full range of Mailbutler’s features requires a subscription, which might be a consideration for individuals or small businesses on a tight budget.
  4. Feature Overload: The extensive functionality can be overwhelming for users who are looking for a simpler email enhancement tool.
  5. Internet Reliance: As with many productivity tools, Mailbutler requires a stable internet connection for full functionality, which could be limiting in areas with poor connectivity.


Mailbutler operates on a freemium model, offering a basic free plan with limited access to features suitable for individual users with moderate needs. For access to advanced features, increased limits, and team functionalities, Mailbutler provides several paid subscription tiers, including Professional, Business, and Enterprise plans. Each tier is designed to cater to different user groups, from freelancers and professionals to large teams and organizations. Pricing varies based on the plan and billing cycle (monthly or annual), with discounts typically available for annual commitments. For the most current pricing details and plan comparisons, users should consult the Mailbutler website.


Mailbutler is a comprehensive email management tool that significantly enhances productivity and efficiency for Apple Mail and Gmail users. Its wide array of features, from email tracking to task management, caters to the diverse needs of professionals managing extensive email communication. While the platform offers great value, potential users must consider the learning curve and subscription costs to determine if it aligns with their needs and budget. Overall, for those seeking to optimize their email workflow and ensure more effective communication, Mailbutler presents a robust solution, integrating seamlessly into existing email clients and enriching the user experience with powerful productivity tools.

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